Pro Adz has worked with many business’s in South Africa. We have been designing, marketing, designing advertising campaigns, implementing objectives and helping gain exposure for a number of business’s in Africa.

Some of our major clients are as follows:

  • Suncoast
  • Nashua Mobile
  • Cell C
  • Walter Sisulu University
  • Peermont

Pro Adz operates throughout Africa and publishes a large range of specialist business directories, which is invaluable for business-to-business communication and household media contact. The Pro Adz Online Directory Service is the most comprehensive online business directory in South Africa.

It is the premier guide for information on businesses, community, government, recreation and entertainment and, with the enhancement of email links and website links, linking our website to your company website.

We at Pro Adz believe in creating good marketing brands throughout South Africa and we believe in placing well designed adverts throughout the different advertising mediums. Over the years we have gained contacts with Radio Broadcasters, Bill board advertising, Online Advertising and newspapers, to help give our clients as much exposure as desired.

We specialize in advert design and provide the necessary advert placement according to your business needs. Our business directory is distributed throughout the SADC region of Africa and has become a vital tool in helping companies grow their brand among the business community of SADC. Our directories are also sold through Exclusive Books for a fee.

We at Pro Adz, have a passion for design and advertising.

With well worked experience and qualifications by our employees we give our clients the dedication and advice on all advertising and marketing needs.

A broad scope of media, art, creative advertising, graphic design, and skills in advanced web development, we aim to provide our clients with a professional insight into advertising and marketing.

With our main clientele being business enterprises & large organizations & government organization in South Africa, Our aim is to list every business enterprise and large organization that is in Africa on some type of advertising medium and provide them with the benefits that comes with good advertising campaigns and an invaluable service to both the business enterprise and the normal consumers.